Saturday, Dec 3
Men's Basketball at Culver-Stockton College - W 96-90
Saturday, Dec 3
Women's Basketball at Culver-Stockton College - L 64-76
Saturday, Dec 3
Men's Wrestling : Buena Vista Open - No Team Score
Friday, Dec 2
Men's Indoor Track & Field : University of Kansas - No Team Score
Friday, Dec 2
Women's Indoor Track & Field : University of Kansas - No Team Score
Thursday, Dec 1
Men's Basketball at (23) Central Methodist University - W 95-65
Thursday, Dec 1
Women's Basketball at (15) Central Methodist University - L 68-93
Tuesday, Nov 29
Men's Wrestling at Doane University - W 28-25
Monday, Nov 28
Men's Basketball at Evangel University - W 78-70
Monday, Nov 28
Women's Basketball at Evangel University - L 81-86
NAIA Clearinghouse

Play NAIA - NAIA Clearinghouse Information

The NAIA requires asll student-athletes who have never playing a championship sport in the NAIA to have their eligibility determined before they can play.


For more information see below or click here.


NAIA Eligibility Center


  • Register at

Costs (*Fee Waiver available if you qualify):

  • $80 for U.S. and Canadian students enrolling full-time at an NAIA school in the first full term following high school graduation
  • $125 for U.S. and Canadian college transfer students, current NAIA attendees, or students with more than a summer break after high school graduation
  • $135 for International students

FEE WAIVERS Registration fee waivers are available based on financial need. If a student qualifies for a waiver for the ACT or SAT testing or for a free/reduced high school lunch program, the fee waiver request would need to be sent and verified from the student’s high school counselor.

Fee waivers are also available if a student shows a financial need through their FAFSA. The qualification for a fee waiver based on the FAFSA is a minimum of $4,500 in Federal Pell Grant. These fee waivers are verified by the college’s NAIA Eligibility Liaison and Financial Aid Office.

Do not submit a credit card payment if you are eligible to receive a fee waiver. No refunds are issued for credit card payments made prior to receipt of a fee waiver confirmation.
Students are responsible for contacting the appropriate school official to have the fee waiver confirmation letter sent directly to the NAIA Eligibility Center. Students must register and select the fee waiver option before the school can submit the confirmation.


  • Send your NAIA ID number, Graceland ID number and specify your request for an NAIA Eligibility Center Fee Waiver to: Zack Mullins [email protected]


  • Have your High School Counselor OR Previously attended College Institution(s) send your final official transcripts including class rank directly to:

                    NAIA Eligibility Center

                    P.O. Box 15340

                    Kansas City, MO 64106

  •  High school ONLY: Send your ACT or SAT score from their specific website to the NAIA using code 9876

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If you have any further questions, please email: Zack Mullins [email protected]