Volleyball vs Ottawa University - W 3-1
Volleyball vs Calumet College of St. Joseph - W 3-0
Monday, Aug 25
Dance Team: Gadets : Talent Show Performance - No Team Score
Sunday, Aug 24
Women's Soccer at Midland University - L 1-2
Saturday, Aug 23
Women's Soccer vs Hastings College - W 2-0
Saturday, Aug 23
Volleyball vs Ashford University - L 0-3
Saturday, Aug 23
Volleyball vs Hannibal-LaGrange University - W 3-0
Friday, Aug 22
Volleyball vs Saint Ambrose University - W 3-1
Friday, Aug 22
Volleyball vs Benedictine University - W 3-0
Friday, May 23
Men's Outdoor Track & Field : NAIA National Championships (May 23-25) - No Team Score
2014-15 Master Schedule
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DayTimeSport Opponent
221:00PMVolleyball @ Saint Ambrose University
 Mount Mercy University Tournament
225:00PMVolleyball @ Benedictine University
 Mount Mercy University Tournament
2311:00AMVolleyball @ Ashford University
 Mount Mercy University Tournament
231:45PMVolleyball @ Hannibal-LaGrange University
 Mount Mercy University Tournament
235:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Hastings College
 Grand View University Tournament
238:30PMYellowjackets @ Simpson College
238:30PMJackets @ Simpson College
246:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Midland University
 Grand View University Tournament
25 Dance Team: GadetsTalent Show Performance
292:00PMVolleyball @ Ottawa University
 Viking Invitational
294:00PMVolleyball @ Calumet College of St. Joseph
 Viking Invitational
3010:00AMVolleyball @ Sterling CollegeLive Audio
 Viking Invitational
302:00PMVolleyball @ York CollegeLive Audio
 Viking Invitational
302:30PMWomen's Soccer @ Ashford University
 Saint Ambrose University Tournament
304:00PMMen's Soccer @ Ottawa University
313:30PMWomen's Soccer @ Saint Ambrose University
 Saint Ambrose University Tournament
12:00PMJV Men's Soccer @ Grand View University
26:00PMJackets @ Grand View University
27:00PMMen's Soccer @ Bellevue University
27:00PMVolleyball @ Haskell Indian Nations University
27:30PMYellowjackets @ Grand View University
44:00PMWomen's Tennis @ Simpson College
59:00AMVolleyball @ Morningside College
 Baker University Tournament
53:00PMVolleyball @ John Brown University
 Baker University Tournament
54:00PMWomen's Tennis @ Simpson College
55:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. AIB College of Business
6 Dance Team: GadetsMen's Soccer Game Performance
6 Yellowjackets vs. JV Community College Invite
 Graceland JV/Junior College Invite
6 Jackets vs. JV Community College Invite
 Graceland JV/Junior College Invite
611:00AMVolleyball @ Sterling College
 Baker University Tournament
61:00PMFootball @ Grand View University
62:00PMMen's Soccer @ Truman State University
63:00PMVolleyball @ Doane College
 Baker University Tournament
73:00PMJV Men's Soccer vs. Missouri Valley College
8 Men's GolfWilliam Penn University Invite (Sept. 8-9)
8 Women's GolfWilliam Penn University Invite (Sept. 8-9)
8 JV Women's Soccer @ Blue River Community College
95:30PMYellowjackets @ Benedictine University
97:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Missouri Baptist University
97:00PMVolleyball @ Benedictine College
106:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Dordt College
11 Men's GolfGraceland University Invitational
115:00PMJV Women's Soccer @ Indian Hills CC-Ottumwa
117:00PMVolleyball vs. Grand View University
123:00PMJackets @ Marshalltown CC
 Marshalltown CC Tournament
125:00PMJackets @ North Iowa Area CC
 Marshalltown CC Tournament
13 Men's Cross CountryMule Run
13 Women's Cross CountryMule Run
13 Women's GolfGraceland University Invitational
139:00AMJackets @ Neosho Community College
 Marshalltown CC Tournament
1312:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Park University
131:00PMFootball vs. Bethany College
131:00PMMen's Tennis vs. Grand View University
132:00PMMen's Soccer @ Park University
133:00PMJackets @ Southwestern CC
 Marshalltown CC Tournament
135:00PMJV Football vs. Bethany College
142:00PMJV Women's Soccer @ Grand View University
16 Dance Team: GadetsFootball Game Performance
161:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Cardinal Stritch University
164:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Ashford University
164:00PMMen's Tennis vs. William Jewell College
164:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. William Jewell College
165:00PMJackets vs. Avila University
166:00PMYellowjackets vs. Avila University
167:30PMVolleyball vs. Avila University
176:00PMYellowjackets @ Wentworth Military Academy
187:00PMJackets @ AIB College of Business
19 Men's Tennis vs. TBD
 ITA Regional Tournament (Sept 19-21) Hosted by Graceland University
19 Women's Tennis vs. TBD
 ITA Regional Tournament (Sept 19-21) Hosted by Graceland University
197:00PMMen's Soccer @ Grand View University
20 Men's Cross CountryViking Invitational
20 Women's Cross CountryViking Invitational
201:00PMYellowjackets vs. Highland CC
203:00PMJackets @ East Central College
205:00PMJackets @ Wentworth Military Academy
206:00PMFootball @ MidAmerica Nazarene University
207:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Kansas Wesleyan University
21 Women's GolfPeru State College Invitational (Sept. 21-22)
21 JV Women's Soccer @ Missouri Valley College
212:00PMJV Football vs. Simpson College
225:00PMJV Men's Soccer @ AIB College of Business
23 Men's GolfMount Mercy University Invitational
235:30PMJackets @ Missouri Valley College
237:00PMMen's Soccer @ William Penn University
237:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Grand View University
237:00PMVolleyball @ Missouri Valley College
25 Dance Team: GadetsFootball Game Performance
257:00PMYellowjackets @ AIB College of Business
26 Men's GolfAIB College of Business Invitational
26 Women's GolfAIB College of Business Invitational
263:00PMVolleyball @ Park University
 MidAmerica Nazarene University Tournament
265:00PMVolleyball @ Oklahoma City University
 MidAmerica Nazarene University Tournament
27 Men's Cross CountryRoy Griak Invitational
27 Women's Cross CountryRoy Griak Invitational
272:00PMFootball @ Baker University
282:00PMJV Men's Soccer vs. Grand View University
282:00PMJV Football @ Grand View University
292:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Doane College
294:00PMMen's Soccer @ Doane College
296:00PMJackets @ Southwestern CC
297:30PMYellowjackets @ Southwestern CC
30 JV Women's Soccer vs. Blue River Community College
305:30PMYellowjackets @ Culver-Stockton College
307:00PMVolleyball @ Culver-Stockton College
27:00PMJV Women's Soccer vs. Grand View University
37:00PMVolleyball @ Grand View University
4 Dance Team: GadetsFootball Game Performance
4 Yellowjackets @ Simpson JV Invite
4 Jackets @ Simpson JV Invite
42:00PMFootball vs. Culver-Stockton College
45:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Missouri Valley College
47:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Missouri Valley College
5 Men's GolfWaldorf College Invitational
5 Women's GolfWaldorf College Invitational
53:00PMJV Men's Soccer @ Blue River Community College
66:00PMJV Football @ Missouri Valley College
75:00PMYellowjackets @ Baker University
75:30PMJackets @ Baker University
76:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Midland University
77:00PMVolleyball @ Baker University
78:00PMJV Men's Soccer vs. Midland University
85:00PMJV Men's Soccer vs. AIB College of Business
9 JV Women's Soccer vs. Missouri Valley College
106:00PMVolleyball @ Roosevelt University
 University of Saint Francis Tournament
108:00PMVolleyball @ University of Saint Francis
 University of Saint Francis Tournament
11 Men's Cross CountryNAIA Pre-National Meet
11 Men's Tennis @ TBD
 National Small College Tournament (Oct. 11-14)
11 Women's Cross CountryNAIA Pre-National Meet
11 Women's Tennis @ TBD
 National Small College Tournament (Oct. 11-14)
119:00AMVolleyball @ Huntington University
 University of Saint Francis Tournament
1111:00AMVolleyball @ Marian University
 University of Saint Francis Tournament
111:00PMFootball @ Peru State College
113:00PMMen's Soccer @ MidAmerica Nazarene University
115:00PMWomen's Soccer @ MidAmerica Nazarene University
12 JV Women's Soccer @ Central Methodist University
122:00PMJV Men's Soccer @ Central Methodist University
13 Men's GolfAvila University Invitational (Oct. 13-14)
13 Women's GolfAvila University Invitational (Oct. 13-14)
145:00PMJackets vs. Evangel University
146:00PMYellowjackets vs. Evangel University
147:30PMVolleyball vs. Evangel University
155:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Culver-Stockton College
157:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Culver-Stockton College
166:00PMYellowjackets vs. Grand View University
167:00PMJackets vs. Grand View University
17 Men's GolfGU Homecoming Tournament
17 Women's GolfGU Homecoming Tournament
18 Dance Team: GadetsFootball Game Performance (Homecoming)
189:00AMYellowjackets vs. Graceland University
 Homecoming Intersquad Scrimmage
189:00AMJackets vs. Graceland University
 Homecoming Intersquad Scrimmage
1810:00AMVolleyball vs. Alumni Game
182:00PMFootball vs. Central Methodist University
185:30PMWomen's Soccer vs. Baker University
187:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Baker University
19 JV Women's Soccer vs. Central Methodist University
192:00PMJV Men's Soccer vs. Central Michigan University
20 Men's GolfPark University Invitational (Oct. 20-21)
20 Women's GolfPark University Invitational (Oct. 20-21)
205:00PMJV Football @ Central Methodist University
206:00PMJackets vs. AIB College of Business
207:00PMYellowjackets vs. AIB College of Business
214:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Hannibal-LaGrange University
215:00PMYellowjackets vs. Wentworth Military Academy
216:00PMJackets vs. Wentworth Military AcademyLive Stats
217:30PMVolleyball vs. MidAmerica Nazarene University
251:00PMMen's Cross CountryYellowjacket Classic
251:00PMWomen's Cross CountryYellowjacket Classic
252:00PMFootball vs. Benedictine College
255:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Central Methodist University
257:00PMMen's Soccer @ Central Methodist University
276:00PMJV Football vs. William Penn University
285:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Benedictine College
287:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Benedictine College
307:00PMVolleyball vs. Peru State College
31 Yellowjackets @ HAAC JV Tournament
 Hosted at Culver-Stockton College
31 Jackets @ HAAC JV Tournament
 Hosted at Culver-Stockton College
317:00PMVolleyball @ William Penn University
1 Yellowjackets @ HAAC JV Tournament
 Hosted at Culver-Stockton College
1 Jackets @ HAAC JV Tournament
 Hosted at Culver-Stockton College
112:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Avila University
11:00PMJV Men's Basketball Blue vs. AIB College of Business
11:30PMFootball @ Missouri Valley College
12:30PMMen's Soccer @ Avila University
13:00PMMen's Basketball vs. AIB College of Business
35:00PMJV Football vs. Central Methodist University
37:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. AIB College of Business
47:00PMVolleyball @ Central Methodist University
55:30PMJV Women's Basketball @ North Central Missouri College
57:30PMJV Men's Basketball Blue @ North Central Missouri College
7 Men's Basketball @ William Woods University
 Columbia College Tournament (Nov. 7-8)
77:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Waldorf College
8 Men's Basketball @ Columbia College
 Columbia College Tournament (Nov. 7-8)
8 Men's Cross CountryHAAC Championships
8 Women's Cross CountryHAAC Championships
89:00AMMen's WrestlingKnox College Invite
81:00PMFootball @ Avila University
82:00PMJV Women's Basketball vs. Wentworth Military Academy
107:00PMJV Football @ TBD
 Turkey Bowl
116:00PMWomen's Basketball @ William Penn University
117:00PMMen's Wrestling vs. Simpson College
117:30PMMen's Basketball @ William Penn University
117:30PMJV Men's Basketball Blue @ Des Moines Area CC
12 JV Men's Basketball Blue @ Southwestern CC
125:30PMJV Women's Basketball @ Southwestern CC
14 Women's Basketball @ AIB Classic
 AIB Classic (November 14-15)
147:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Dakota Wesleyan University
15 Women's Basketball @ AIB Classic
 AIB Classic (November 14-15)
15 Dance Team: GadetsFootball Game Performance
1511:00AMMen's Wrestling @ Missouri Valley College
 HAAC Quad Dual (Hosted at Baker University)
151:00PMMen's Wrestling @ Baker University
 HAAC Quad Dual (Hosted at Baker University)
152:00PMFootball vs. Evangel University
153:00PMMen's Wrestling @ Benedictine College
 HAAC Quad Dual (Hosted at Baker University)
155:00PMMen's Basketball @ AIB College of Business
177:00PMJV Women's Basketball vs. North Central Missouri College
185:00PMJV Men's Basketball Blue vs. Grand View University
186:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Friends University
187:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Grand View University
187:00PMMen's Wrestling @ Ottawa University
21 Women's Basketball @ University of Nebraska-Omaha
217:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Lindenwood University-Belleville
229:00AMMen's WrestlingCoe College Invite
24 Men's Basketball @ Northwest Missouri State
246:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Grand View University
256:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Haskell Indian Nations University
15:30PMWomen's Basketball @ William Jewell College
17:00PMMen's Basketball @ William Jewell College
27:00PMMen's Wrestling vs. Doane College
45:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Culver-Stockton College
47:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Culver-Stockton College
5 Dance Team: GadetsISDTA Competition
57:00PMJV Women's Basketball vs. Grand View University
69:00AMMen's WrestlingBuena Vista University Open
62:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Missouri Valley College
64:00PMMen's Basketball @ Missouri Valley College
132:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Baker University
134:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Baker University
34:00PMMen's Basketball @ Ottawa University
56:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Waldorf College
57:30PMJV Men's Basketball Blue vs. North Central Missouri College
85:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Peru State College
87:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Peru State College
1010:00AMMen's WrestlingCentral College Invite
102:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Evangel University
104:00PMMen's Basketball @ Evangel University
137:00PMMen's WrestlingWilliam Penn University Dual
155:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Benedictine College
157:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Benedictine College
166:00PMMen's WrestlingMissouri Valley College Invite (Jan. 16-17)
17 Men's Volleyball vs. TBA
 Big G Tournament
179:00AMMen's WrestlingMissouri Valley College Invite (Jan. 16-17)
172:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Avila University
174:00PMMen's Basketball @ Avila University
207:30PMMen's Wrestling @ Truman State University
216:00PMMen's Volleyball @ Morningside College
225:30PMWomen's Basketball @ Central Methodist University
227:30PMMen's Basketball @ Central Methodist University
23 Men's Volleyball @ TBA
 Park University Tournament (Jan. 23-24)
24 Men's Volleyball @ TBA
 Park University Tournament (Jan. 23-24)
242:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. MidAmerica Nazarene University
244:00PMMen's Basketball vs. MidAmerica Nazarene University
277:00PMMen's Wrestling vs. Hannibal-LaGrange University
295:30PMWomen's Basketball @ Culver-Stockton College
297:30PMMen's Basketball @ Culver-Stockton College
30 Men's Volleyball @ TBA
 Grand View University Tournament (Jan. 30-31)
31 Men's Volleyball @ TBA
 Grand View University Tournament (Jan. 30-31)
319:00AMMen's WrestlingGrand View University Open
312:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Missouri Valley College
314:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Missouri Valley College
37:00PMMen's Volleyball vs. Grand View University
57:00PMMen's Volleyball @ Missouri Valley College
67:00PMMen's Wrestling @ Briar Cliff University
79:00AMMen's WrestlingBriar Cliff University Open
72:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Baker University
74:00PMMen's Basketball @ Baker University
125:30PMWomen's Basketball @ Peru State College
127:30PMMen's Basketball @ Peru State College
137:00PMMen's Volleyball vs. Culver-Stockton College
14 Dance Team: GadetsHAAC Championship (Hosted at Benedictine College)
142:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Evangel University
144:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Evangel University
195:30PMWomen's Basketball @ Benedictine College
197:30PMMen's Basketball @ Benedictine College
219:00AMMen's WrestlingCentral Region Tournament
212:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Avila University
214:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Avila University
265:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Central Methodist University
267:00PMMen's Volleyball @ Culver-Stockton College
267:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Central Methodist University
282:00PMWomen's Basketball @ MidAmerica Nazarene University
282:00PMMen's Volleyball vs. Saint Ambrose University
284:00PMMen's Basketball @ MidAmerica Nazarene University
37:00PMMen's Volleyball vs. Morningside College
57:00PMMen's Volleyball vs. Missouri Valley College
6 Softball @ TBD
 Friends Tournament (March 6-7)
6 Men's WrestlingNAIA National Tournament (Hosted at Kansas Expocentre, March 6-7)
7 Softball @ TBD
 Friends Tournament (March 6-7)
81:00PMSoftball @ University of St. Mary
8Game 2Softball @ University of St. Mary
93:00PMJV Softball vs. William Penn University
9Game 2JV Softball vs. William Penn University
113:00PMSoftball @ Bethany College
11Game 2Softball @ Bethany College
16 Softball @ TBD
 Spring Fling (March 16-20)
16 JV Softball @ TBD
 Spring Fling (March 16-20)
24Game 2Softball @ Missouri Valley College
24 Softball @ Missouri Valley College
253:00PMJV Softball @ Simpson College
25Game 2JV Softball @ Simpson College
262:00PMJV Softball @ North Central Missouri College
26Game 2JV Softball @ North Central Missouri College
267:00PMMen's Volleyball @ Clarke University
27 Men's Volleyball @ TBA
 Saint Ambrose University Tournament (March 27-28)
27 Men's Volleyball @ Saint Ambrose University
28 Men's Volleyball @ TBA
 Saint Ambrose University Tournament (March 27-28)
28 Softball @ Culver-Stockton College
28Game 2Softball @ Culver-Stockton College
29 Softball @ AIB College of Business
29Game 2Softball @ AIB College of Business
303:00PMJV Softball vs. Southwestern CC
30Game 2JV Softball vs. Southwestern CC
317:00PMMen's Volleyball @ Grand View University
1 Softball vs. Avila University
1Game 2Softball vs. Avila University
2 Men's Volleyball vs. Clarke University
4 Softball vs. Benedictine College
4Game 2Softball vs. Benedictine College
6Game 2JV Softball vs. Simpson College
64:00PMJV Softball vs. Simpson College
7 Softball @ Peru State College
7Game 2Softball @ Peru State College
92:00PMJV Softball @ Southwestern CC
9Game 2JV Softball @ Southwestern CC
10 Men's Volleyball @ TBA
 NAIA North Conference Tournament (April 10-11)
11 Men's Volleyball @ TBA
 NAIA North Conference Tournament (April 10-11)
11 Softball @ MidAmerica Nazarene University
11Game 2Softball @ MidAmerica Nazarene University
1212:00PMSoftball vs. Bethany College
12Game 2Softball vs. Bethany College
142:00PMJV Softball vs. North Central Missouri College
14Game 2JV Softball vs. North Central Missouri College
17 Softball vs. Evangel University
17Game 2Softball vs. Evangel University
18 Softball vs. Baker University
18Game 2Softball vs. Baker University
19 Softball vs. York College
19Game 2Softball vs. York College
20 JV Softball @ Des Moines Area CC
20Game 2JV Softball @ Des Moines Area CC
21 Softball vs. Central Methodist University
21Game 2Softball vs. Central Methodist University
23 Men's Volleyball @ TBA
 NAIA National Invitational (April 23-25)
25 Softball vs. Ottawa University
25Game 2Softball vs. Ottawa University